Altium Designer

If you have not previously used Altium Designer under the department’s license, please contact IT Staff at We will create an Altium account for you so you can proceed with

If you have previously used Altium Designer under the department’s license, you should have received an email from Altium containing your login credentials. Your user name should be your UTK email address, e.g., If you have forgotten your password, you will need to go to and click the “Forgot Password?” to request a new password.

  1. When opening Altium Designer for the first time, if the License Management screen does not appear, navigate to the My Account menu and select Licenses… as shown:

  2. Select Sign In in the middle of the page and enter the login credentials provided by Altium:

  3. Altium should display a list of On Demand licenses and one of them should be show with a Status of OK. It is OK if other “Expired” licenses are shown.\\

    If you do not see at least one license list as OK, please contact the EECS IT Staff.
  4. Select the “OK” license and click the Use button. The window should now say “Available Licenses – Licensed to University of Tennessee” as shown in the image below. You should now have a functioning license and be able to use Altium Designer.