EECS Personal Home Page Server Upgrade

On Wednesday, November 1, EECS IT will be replacing the current web server providing access to users' personal home pages with newer software. This will affect all pages that use the following hosts:

  • (legacy)
  • (legacy)

If you are currently serving a personal home page at then the underlying software will be upgraded. This change will only affect the pages hosted at the above URLs.

We have enabled a server where you can test the functionality of your personal home page. Replace “” with “” in your URLs. For example:


Please test your personal web page and any web applications you may be running on the current home page server. You can report any problems to

Please note: If your page uses absolute URLs in its links (i.e. URLs that include the name of the server), then those links will continue to load from the existing server. You will have to replace “web” with “webtest” in the URL bar of your browse to test the specific page.

The following changes have been made to the current test server and will take effect on the production server after the switchover:

Software Current Production Server New Server
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.8
Web Server Apache HTTPD 2.4.34 Apache HTTPD 2.4.37
PHP mod_php 7.3.33 FCGI PHP 7.4.33

You can get more info on the PHP install by visiting: