Legacy EECS User Name to NetID Transition

In order to prepare for Two Factor Authentication (via DUO), all EECS Linux user names need to match the corresponding UTK NetID. On August 1, 2019, all remaining EECS usernames that are different from the user's NetID will be changed.

In the examples below, EECS user name “doe” is changed to match UTK NetID “jdoe44”.

  • You will be using your NetID name to log into any EECS Linux systems. Your old EECS user name will not work any longer. If you have any scripts or code that reference your EECS username, those will need to be changed to reference your NetID.
  • Your EECS Linux home directory (aka home area) will change to from /home/username to /home/netid, e.g. from /home/doe to /home/jdoe44. If you have any scripts or code that references your home area by the old path, they will need to be updated. The environment variable of $HOME and the shell ~ shortcut will not be affected.
  • Your UTK email will not be affected, that is any email addresses or aliases you have in and will remain the same.
  • Your legacy EECS email forwarding will continue to work. That means, if you were able to receive email at,, or before, these addresses will continue to forward email to your UTK email address.
  • Your NetID password or Two Factor settings will not be affected.