The VLSI systems are a collection of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 and RHEL 8 systems that host the Linux Engineering Software suite. The VLSI systems use the Environment Modules aka module subsystem to manage the use of various tools. To keep up with news on these software offerings, join our Office 365 Linux Engineering Software Group (UTK/Tennessee email addresses only).

The command module avail will show the available modules, as seen below

jruser:vlsi1 ~> module avail

------------------ /usr/share/Modules/modulefiles ------------------
dot         module-git  module-info modules     null        use.own

------------------/etc/modulefiles ------------------

------------------ /sw/etc/modules/synopsys ------------------
cscope64-P-2019.06      hspice-P-2019.06-SP1-1  sentaurus-P-2019.03-SP1 
synplify-Q-2020.03      syn-Q-2019.12-SP2       wv-P-2019.06-SP1-2

------------------ /sw/etc/modules/cadence ------------------
CONFRML182  EXT191      IC618       LIBERATE192

------------------ /sw/etc/modules/mentor ------------------
modelsim      questa_infact questasim

------------------ /sw/etc/modules/keysight ------------------

Loading a Module

To load a module, run module load ModuleName, This will set up your environment to properly run the selected software. For example, runningmodule load IC618 sets up your environment to run Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1.8:

jruser:vlsi1 ~> module load IC618
jruser:vlsi1 ~> which virtuoso

Showing Loaded Modules

The module list will show which modules you have loaded:

jruser:vlsi1 ~> module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) .cadence   2) IC618

Modules whose names start with periods (like .cadence) are prerequisite modules for a whole set of software. You should not have to manually load or unload these.

Unloading Modules

Modules can be unloaded from your environment. You may want to do this, for example, to switch between versions of the same software. Simply run module unload ModuleName. You can also use “module swap OldModule NewModule” to directly swap out an old module for a new one.

Information on a Module

If you're unsure what software is activated by a specific module, use the module whatis command for more information. For example:

jsuer:vlsi1 ~> module whatis IC618
IC618                : Cadence Virtuoso, Release Version IC6.1.8 ISR7

Additional Resources

The Environment Modules system has a number of advanced features such as Python and Perl interfaces. See the manual page for the module command for more information by running man module. Online documentation is available at:

Calibre "AVX2 is NOT available on this system" Error

Beginning with version 2021.1, Mentor Graphics Calibre requires the AVX2 Advanced Vector Processor Extensions to run. Some VLSI systems may not support these and if you load the Calibre module, you may receive the following error:

Please try one of the newer VLSI systems.