Configuring the Konica Minolta Copiers

The Min Kao building has two Konica Minolta C450i copiers:

Room Printer IP Name
Min Kao 413 (Mail Room - restricted access)
Min Kao 603 (Printer Room - restricted access)

Quick links:

Drivers for the Konica Minolta C450i can be found here:

Please check the above link for the most up-to-date drivers. Current (February 2023) drivers can also be found on Google Drive:

Please see our printer documentation on how to add EECS printers to a Microsoft Windows computer. Specific considerations for the Konica Minolta C450i:

  1. Run the Setup64.exe program and select “Install Printers/MFPs”:
  2. The driver will search for printers but fail to find any. Select “Specify Manually”:
  3. Specify the IP name of the printer (see list above):
  4. Please note that the driver defaults to 2-sided printing. There are instructions below if you wish to change this:
  5. After the driver has been installed, you will be given the option to rename the printer. We suggest you give it a more sensible name such as “Min Kao 603 Copier”:

As mentioned above, the Konica print driver defaults to two-sided printing. If you wish to change to one-sided printing, you will need to change the “Printing Preferences” for this device. You can find these in the Windows 10 Settings:

  1. Select “Devices” in Windows Settings:
  2. Select “Printers & Scanners” and then click on the printer you wish to change, and then “Manage”:
  3. Select “Printing Preferences”:
  4. Change the “Print Type” to 1-Sided:
  1. Run the installer PKG file. When you get to the “Standard Install” screen, you can select “Customize” to pick the default settings for one or two-sided printing:
  2. Once the driver has been installed, follow our printer documentation for adding a printer to a MacOS computer. If the setup process does not automatically detect the driver (i.e. if it offers a “Generic Postscript” printer), please select the driver manually:
  3. When prompted for printer settings, please select the following: